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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  September 14, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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$150,000 bail. vontasha sims saying her daughter should be in a hospital, not jail. >> it was something new to her. i'm still trying to figure out what happened to her or how it happened to her. how does a person go from being a college student educated, working, you know, a loving mother, you know, then all of a sudden one day you wake up and you have a psychosis? how do you -- that could happen to anybody! >> reporter: vontasha sims complaining that public assistance insurance the family had would not pay for extended hospitalizations for her daughter while the homeless family was trying to get by living in a motel. romsha sims is now charged with manslaughter, felony child abuse and child neglect. she is facing a trial and the possibility of more than 40 years in prison. reporting live in la plata scott broom, wusa9. >> scott, thank you. this touches on a lot of issues. how do you handle people who are clearly in need of some help? do you punish or do you get
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them the treatment they need? sims' mother who is still homeless told us she's trying to find legal help to get her daughter evaluated, hospitalized and declared not criminally responsible. right now police in mississippi are on a manhunt for a gunman in a deadly college campus shooting. a history professor was in his office this afternoon at delta state university when someone came in and killed him. police have not identified who they are looking for, but they do not believe that person is still on campus. and there is no toward on what might have provoked the shooting. there are 3,500 students at the university which is near the arkansas/mississippi state line. in maryland state police are trying to figure out what caused a fatal crash on route 4 in upper marlboro. this happened just about two hours ago between route 301 and the anne arundel county line. police say a tour bus, a minivan and an suv collided and someone inside that suv was killed. security officials are down playing reports tonight the
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u.s. has disrupted a threat against pope francis. the new york police commissioner now says there is no credible threat against the pontiff, but police and federal agencies say they are planning very intensely to keep the pope safe during his visit here next week. our bruce leshan is live tonight at the basilica the immaculate conception with what he's been able to find out about this alleged plot. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, bruce it, is the share of the homeland security committee who leaked word that the u.s. had disrupted this alleged plot against the poem, his office not commenting any further -- pope, his offices not commenting any further, but law enforcement down playing any specific plot. the pope loves the crowd and his has not of getting out and embracing his admirers has probably increased his popularity and the risk to his security and not just from isis. the bethesda-based site intelligence group has
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uncovered violent deadly racist threats against him among users of a white supremacist neo-nazi forum. congressman ruppersberger spent 12 years on the house intelligence committee. >> we are very aggressive in trying find out these individuals and to make sure that we pick up on these time of threats. >> reporter: in new york, philadelphia and washington police are mobilizing a massive effort to keep the pontiff safe. the chair of the house homeland security committee said on abc's this week that the u.s. has already neutralized one threat. >> we are monitoring very closely threats against the pope as he comes into the you know states. we have disrupted one particular case. >> reporter: but mccaul and his office have declined to offer any more details about that threat or where it came from. several law enforcement sources pointed fingers at each other as sources of the story and
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several suggested they remain on their standard security posture for an event this big. now the pope will deliver an outdoor mass here at the basilica a week from wednesday. he will drive up massachusetts avenue past adoring crowds a week from tuesday and he will parade around the ellipse on the national mall on the 23rd, all chances for people to see him and for security to worry. live at at the basilica, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> he's also a head of state. since 1981 the assassination attempt on john paul ii popes have generally paraded through crowds in a fully enclosed popemobile, but pope francis has had the bulletproof resistant glass removed saying the fully enclosed vehicle makes him feel like he's trapped in a sardine can. taking a live look at the capitol right now where the
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pope will be a week from thursday, security will be tight and every detail is planned out. today capitol hill staffers did a walk-through of the pope's route through the capitol. the stand-ins pretended to be papal staff going from the house floor to the statuary hall and out to the speaker's balcony. even lawmakers only got one guest ticket. coming up at 5:45 we'll hear from ddot and metro about their plans for the tens of thousands of people who are expected to crowd the roads and trains next week. the 2016 race for the white house is winding through virginia tonight. in an hour doors will open at the prince william county fairgrounds in manassas for a bernie sanders rally. he already spoke to a big crowd at liberty university in lynchburg earlier today. the conservative christian school was not a typical rally spot for the democratic presidential candidate. >> it is harder but not less
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important for us to try and communicate with those who do not agree with us on every issue. >> sanders did find some common ground with the crowd on economic issues, but he did not have a lot of support when it came to his views on social issues. sanders is surging in recent polls now leading hillary clinton by 10 points in 0 with and 22 points in happen -- in iowa and 22 points in lap lap. coming up at -- in new hampshire. coming up at 6:00 we'll talk about his next campaign stop. a judge sentenced a man to prison for robbery and tacked on another five years for stealing motorbikes. nelson tried to run from police in a stolen car, crashed and police chased him down. >> is in a case where a
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criminal fail -- this is a case where a criminal failed to recognize the judge in the first case was giving him an opportunity to correct his life and get himself on the right track and now he's going to do 12 years behind bars. >> in the second armed robbery nelson broke into a really active's home and stole home electronics and -- relative's home and stole home electronics and athletic shoes. in ferguson, missouri, the governor appointed a commission following the shooting of michael brown and the unrest that followed. today the commission presented its final report to the governor. among the recommendations, establishing a publicly available statewide use of force database to track police shootings, consolidating the st. louis area police departments and municipal courts and increasing the region's minimum wage. tonight fairfax county is giving residents a chance to speak up on how they think police can do their jobs better. a police review commission is holding a public hearing at 7:30 at walt whitman middle
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school in alexandria. they are looking for ideas on how to change police policy. the commission suggested officers delay weapons training for new recruits and the department already has made that change. this board was put together after the shooting death of springfield resident john geer. he was unarmed when he was shot and killed by an ex-cop in the doorway of his home on a domestic call two years ago. that officer now faces a second degree murder charge. the former new york prison employee who helped two killers break out of prison is now trying to explain her actions. joyce mitchell said richard matt and david sweat took advantage of what she called her weakness. she made the comments in a jailhouse interview with nbc. mitchell also said matt had threatened members of her family. she gave the can -- the cons the tools they -- the cons the tools they needed to break out.
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the county clerk in kentucky kim davis is tramming up her first day back -- wrapping up her first day back on the job. even though she was back in the office one lesbian couple did receive the license they needed to tie the knot today. >> reporter: an emotional kim davis began her first day back at work with a statement to the media. >> good morning. i don't want to have this conflict. i don't want to be in the spotlight and i certainly don't want to be a whipping post. >> reporter: the rowan county clerk spent five days in jail for refusing to issue any marriage licenses citing her religious belief against same sex marine. >> for me this would be an act -- marriage. >> for me this would be an act of disobedience to my god. >> reporter: davis was jailed for her act of contempt and deputy clerks issued licenses, something davis says can continue but added -- >> any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title or my
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authority on it. instead the license will state that they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. >> reporter: davis continues to draw supporters and protesters in front of her office. she's now asking the state legislature to make an accommodation for her religious beliefs. she says she won't issue any marriage religiouses, but she will not interfere with the deputies who continue to do. so jericka duncan, cbs news, morehead, kentucky. >> davis said the marriage licenses issued without her name are not valid, but the governor and attorney general for the state say these wrong. we are just getting started on wusa9 news at 5:00. an accidental alarm triggers a big concern for a local woman. coming up at 5:30 how our wusa9 call for action team helped her get back hundreds of dollars for an alarm that possibly never even worked. >> it might be in your car, your purse and all around the house and tonight there is something that parents need to know about hand sanitizer.
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that's later. >> winds are going to subside tonight and temps are going to fall like a stone. if you're going out, a sweater or sweatshirt not crazy, 50 downtown, 49 in frederick. we'll come back, talk about how long the humidity stays in check. >> coming up next thousands of migrants but room is running out, the tough laws some european countries will start enforcing
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european nations are struggling to cope with a record number of migrants. hungary is taking steps to stop the flow of refugees. this has migrants pretty nervous about where they will end up. >> reporter: they don't trust the police and they four going onto buses means being sent off to reception centers and made to register in hungary, but this morning we watched something else happen for the
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first time. we followed a bus of migrants who were taken to a train station headed to austria straight out of hungary. after the horror stories he'd heard of getting trapped this man from damascus was dumbfounded. >> what's happening? this train goes to austria, yeah, and from austria we are going to sweden. >> reporter: so many before him got stuck here for days forced to register for asylum before traveling onward. >> happy. they are about to close the door. >> reporter: harsh new law goes into effect this week to keep the migrants out and they've sent troops to catch anyone who still manages to get in. things just got tougher on the other side of their journey, too. german officials who have seen hundreds of thousands of migrants pour into that country said it's reaching its limits and decided to temporarily introduce border controls meaning migrants may be leaving get there. t actually able to
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stuck in the middle again. >> authorities in slovakia and austria say they will also start enforcing stricter border controls. germany is expected to take in 1 million migrants this year. in northern california 23,000 people are out of their homes tonight because of two massive wildfires. one is burning just north of the failed napa valley. the -- famed napa valley. the other is in the sierra nevada. 500 homes have been destroyed and 1 person has been killed. hear from the residents tonight asking if there's anything left of their homes. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> hopefully you nailed it today because it was pretty good. >> hopefully. howard had a bull's eye yesterday. >> nice. >> speaking of the 3-degree guarantee, we went for a high
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of 78 today. now dry air masses heat up quickly and they cool off quickly, so we're not out of the woods completely for this and we'll have the numbers for you tonight at 11:00. let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, it does not get any clearer or crisper. this weather should put a spring in your step. temperature right now 79, dew point in the 40s, 29% humidity. that's like desert air, winds west, northwest at 10, breezy to windy at times today. the winds will sub side tonight. so open the windows tonight but not too far. i got a little chilly last night, upper 40s in the burbs. bus stop temperatures 48 to 68. a terrific tuesday, a little warmer, yes, but not humid and a wonderful wednesday, a little warmer, yes, but not humid. futurecast, essentially a temperature forecast here, clear skies. by 10:00 it's 68 downtown, but already 58 in frederick. so you're walking the dog tonight after dinner, you'll want a sweatshirt or sweater. by morning we'll see 40s
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certainly, upper 50s downtown, 49 in cumberland, romney, but i even think frederick, gaithersburg, damascus and leesburg and percyville will all be in the upper 40s by 6:00 in the morning. by 9:00 we go back in the low to mid-60s downtown and then by lunchtime it gets really, really nice, upper 70s to low 80s,en as much wind tomorrow. by 6 p.m. we're 80 downtown, 79 in leesburg, 77 in gaithersburg, bowie, and la plata. tomorrow night it will fall not quite as fast but still comfortable, 62 in gaithersburg, 69 by 11:00 downtown and on the edge of 59 or 60 in frederick. tonight looks like this, clear skies, chilly, open the windows, upper 40s to upper 50s.
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by morning sunny, chilly start, full sun. 48 to 78. today had carolina blue sky. by afternoon sunny and warmer, just gorgeous, highs 80 to 85. it will not be humid and winds west, southwest 5 to 10. the winds will shift a little bit and essentially great from the mountains to the coast tomorrow. even oakland will be 75, probably be in the blow 40s tomorrow morning to start, 80 -- low 40s tomorrow morning to start, 82 to cumberland jump the divide, martinsburg and winchester, 81 in leesburg, 82 in manassas and warnton, gorgeous, full sun everywhere. downtown we'll say 83, 82 gaithersburg, andrews, upper 70s by the water. no small craft advisory tomorrow. winds will subside. on the day planner 59 at 7:00 which means upper 40s in the burbs, 75 by 11:00, 80 with sunshine by 1:00. it just stays beautiful,
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beautiful on wednesday, still great on thursday, mid-80s, still comfortable at night, low humidity. next seven days, friday warm, terps in town, a shower on saturday, weak cold front. another home game, fedex sunday, cooler, comfortable a few showers, comfortable in terms of humidity. well, the fallout for fifa likely isn't over just yet. today u.s. attorney loretta lynch said she expects more indictments as her office investigates suspects of the soccer organization. in may 14 marketing officials were indicted this a $115 million -- in a $115 million bribery coranspicy. a new way to pay without pulling out your wallet. >> and apple lovers can start spending some of their own if
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they really want the newest iphones. today's consumer alert is right after the break. >> and next new ways aspirin could keep you healthier, but there are some risks.
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in tonight's health alert a panel of national experts has issued a new recommendation when taking aspirin to fight against heart disease and cancer, but the practice is not without risk. for the very first time the panel is recommending taking a low dose aspirin every day. it says daily low dose aspirin taken over a 10 year period just might help high risk patients between 50 and 69 avoid their very first heart attack, stroke and colorectal cancer as long as they're not at a high rusk for bleeding problems, but -- risk for bleeding problems, but some doctors worry this practice can lead to bleeding in the intestinal tract and even in the brain. >> we worry that aspirin will be taken by a lot of the worried well where the harms are going to exceed the benefits. >> doctors agree you should first consult your physician before deciding what's best for you.
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in today's consumer alert stocks closed slightly lower following some mixed economic news out of china. the dow dropped 62 points. the nasdaq was down 16. traders are looking ahead to a federal reserve meeting that begins on wednesday. the bank could raise interest rates for the first time since the financial crisis. hand sanitizer may keep small hands clean, but it is also sending kids to emergency rooms at an alarming rate. cnn reports that since 2010 poison control centers have seen a 400% increase in calls for kids younger than 12 who have ingested the cleanser. swallowing just two or three squirts can cause alcohol cleansing. parents and caregivers are urged to switch to nonalcohol- based sanitizers or wipes. you can preorder the new apple iphones. rose gisold the most previous colors. they are heavier than the previous models and go in sale
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in apple stores ptember 25th. move over apple pay, google is now in the game. the rollout for android pay started late last week. instead of fumbling over scores of cards you can now use your phone to pay at retailers like macy's, whole foods, walgreens. the system also stores loyal and gift cards along with am ex, visa and master cards. coffee shops and libraries have long been alternative offices for freelancers and those who work from home. >> now some london workers have a much fresher option. inside this treehouse are chairs available for rent. for $5 an hour you can get high speed internet and space to work. there's no ac, but there are windows so workers can feel the breeze. of the idea was to create an fice space that people could break free from their usual sort of concrete bunkers in the city. >> it's like having a desk in the park, so it's nice to be outside. >> why not?
5:26 pm
the first treehouse is a pilot project, but more may rise up in the future. >> as long as it's down toward the ground. he's known for making jokes, but comedian john -- jon stewart has a very serious message for congress. >> reporter: after 22 years of marriage a local man is looking for an extraordinary gift for his wife, a kidney donor. i'm andrea mccarren. i'll tell you about his unconventional search coming up in a live report. >> also next her home security failed. we took action to help this local woman get back hundreds of dollars.
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what would you do if you'd been paying $50 a month for years and the one night your home alarm goes off it's not connected to the security company? well, if the security company doesn't call you, contact our wusa9 call for action team. here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> needed not only for security, but in case she would become ill or fall, it was supposed to be joyce robinson's safety nest. >> the system test failed. >> after repeated failures. >> the sensor has not been triggered. >> her security company vivant told mrs. robinson she should regularly test it herself. on each of her ft.
5:30 pm
washington doors. >> no check mark, no green. open the backdoor. garage door. >> reporter: and windows. >> i'm not going upstairs. >> reporter: mrs. robinson has polio and can't make it through the tests without a very needed break. she says she only found out the security system wasn't connected at all because of an accidental alarm. >> the system went beep, beep, beep. >> reporter: she said the security company never made the welfare call. >> they couldn't find the ping anywhere. >> reporter: that made her question whether her system was ever properly connected. >> nobody ever responded to me. >> reporter: so she contacted wusa9 call for action. >> so within a week i had my check. >> reporter: how much was check? >> $1,669 a few cents. i said hallelujah! >> that smile courtesy of our wusa9 call for action center and operator no. 5 who beyond the call of duty
5:31 pm
got her a refund and a change of that phone security line and installation of a brand-new system. i'm investigative reporter russ ptacek, wusa9. >> and that's exactly what we want. if you've got a problem or want to volunteer for our call for action team, go to or the new wusa9 app. click on call for action or you can even call our hot line at 301-652-help. well, the search is over for the suspected killer of a kentucky state trooper. trooper joseph ponder was shot last night during a traffic stop. the 31-year-old law enforcement officer had only been on the job for nine months. police found his suspected killer just this morning. officers say they opened fire on 25-year-old joseph johnson shanks when he refused to drop his weapon. the missouri man had an extensive criminal history. the mayor of baltimore wants to remove the interim label from the police chief's
5:32 pm
title. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is asking the city council to name kevin davis as the permanent police commissioner. her spokesperson says the mayor is pleased with the energy davis has brought to the job with a soaring homicide rate rawlings-blake firing the former police chief anthony batts and named davis acting police commissioner. before heading to baltimore you might recall that davis spent 20 years with the prince george's county police department. the daily show is coming to capitol hill, well, sort of. comedian jon stewart will be lobbying congress next week on behalf of a program that monitors the health of first responders at ground zero. the world trade center health program is set to expire the end of the month and this monitors more than 33,000 people for 9/11-related illnesses. lawmakers who want to extend those ground zero programs are counting on people like jon stewart and first responders and, of course, 9/11 survivors to walk the halls of congress next week and help them make their case. america crowns a new beauty
5:33 pm
queen, but she's not the only pageant participant making headlines today. who else steps on the miss america stage, that's right after the break. >> reporter: today transportation leaders have all the information on what you absolutely need to know come up for when the pope comes to town. >> a spectacular evening, but tomorrow morning will be diamond of chilly. by 7:00 on -- kind of chilly. by 7:00 on futurecast we're looking at temperatures in the 50s. we'll come back and tell you how fast it will warm up tomorrow and if we can keep this streak going. ♪ when was the last time you felt... free. it's time to uncover that feeling again.
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trending today all over the web is the new miss america, miss georgia, betty cantrell took home the crown last night in atlantic city. miss mississippi came in as first runner-up. >> but it was a former miss america who made some of the biggest headlines. vanessa williams returned to the pageant for the first time since giving up her title some 31 years ago over a nude
5:37 pm
scandal photo. she served as judge, but she was brought on stage for a surprise apology. >> i want to apologize for anything that was said or done that made you feel any less the miss america you are and the miss america you always will be. >> yes, yes, she's still stunning. >> 52. >> she is stunning. she'll be stunning at 75. williams thanked the ceo and said she did her best when she had the crown. she didn't win the title, but another miss america contestant is winning hearts all over the country. >> miss colorado. she ditched the glamorous dress, the hair, the makeup and walked on stage wearing hospital scrubs and people are kind of wondering what's going on here. this is for the talent portion of the competition, bruce, and kelly johnson did not do a song or a dance. instead this nurse gave a passion atmosphere monologue about the relationship between patients and nurses and she had
5:38 pm
the stage all to herself. that's pretty amazing to do. >> good for her. >> yeah. well, if you never got to see whitney houston perform on stage -- i'm sure you saw her more than once. >> not in person. i wish i did. >> she's going on next year in a hologram form. the late sister-in-law sold the rights to hologram usa to put together a whitney tour. these are the same people who once did a tupac hologram. no word yet on a tour date. are you feeling that? >> i just think it's kind of creepy. >> they did that with michael jackson. >> i don't like it at all. a d.c. restaurant and bar is changing up its menu for the papal visit and will offer a variety of religious sounding beers like sweet baby jesus and resurrection form brewer's arc. the bar is just a couple blocks away from the basilica where the pope will hold mass next week. >> he's not going to being
5:39 pm
surprised. he's here in america. we're going to capitalize. >> he's a cool pope, too. this place is opening its doors for breakfast at 7 a.m. for anybody who needs a bite on the way to church. >> i was thinking have a beer with the president. >> he's cool. you might actually do that. you just have to call up his people and tell them it's bruce johnson. even if you aren't catholic, if you live or work in the d.c. area, the pope's visit will impact you. the day traffic will be the worst and the other must know road closures are after the break. redskins play have dropped their first game to the dolphins, but that may be changing. some fans' expectations, we'll go inside the red zone with the redskins nation.
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get out of the past. get fios. i'm peggy fox here at the prince william county fair grounds where a crowd is already gathering getting ready for the bernie sanders rally tonight. earlier today the liberal democrat spoke at the conservative liberty university. i'll have a live report coming
5:43 pm
up. a virginia man has launched an unusual campaign to try to save the life of his beloved wife. >> glenn millis is blending old media and new in an effort to drag down a desperately needed kidney donor. andrea mccarren is live in spotsylvania county tonight to explain. andrea. >> reporter: bruce and lesli, from here all the way to pittsburgh glenn millis has posted these seems. he says he has no choice but to do everything he can to try to save his wife. >> it's not easy to ask the world for a kidney. it's the easy for me. it's terrible for anna. she didn't want to do it, but it's the only way we're going to find somebody. we have to ask. >> reporter: glenn millis is searching for a kidney donor in an unusual way. he's placed 70 signs along busy roads hoping someone somehow will donate a kidney to his wife. >> you only need one. you have two. you can't take them to heaven,
5:44 pm
so -- >> i think i did. i covered myself. i couldn't believe that he come up with this. >> reporter: anna's case is especially complicated. she has a very high level of antibodies, so there's just a 2% chance she'll find a match. >> love is a very powerful thing. it's the most powerful thing. >> reporter: despite the odds the mother of three remains optimistic as she paints a new portrait of her future. anna has no idea how or when it will end. >> if you see this, please think about donating to ann in and please think about donating to someone else. >> reporter: 14 of anna's friends and family members have been tested, but no one is a match. right now there are 100,000 people like anna waiting for a
5:45 pm
kidney. reporting live from spotsylvania county, andrea mccarren, wusa9. >> and if you're healthy and can donate, you can log onto sign up to be a potential donor, if not for anna, possibly for somebody else. we've put that link to the search for a kidney on our wusa9 app. >> let's hope there's a match soon. we're just a week away from the pope's visit. today ddot and metro announce the plans for when the pope comes to town. >> they're saying get ready. stephanie ramirez tells us which day you'll especially want to pay attention and joins us now live from constitution avenue. hey, steph. >> reporter: hey, lesli, bruce. we'll first take a look at constitution avenue because on certain days next week when the pope come, you won't see any cars here, let alone space to walk. d.c.'s transportation leaders won't tell us how many they are expecting for the parade, but they did announce the plans of detours and closures telling us
5:46 pm
they're preparing for an inauguration, a marathon and 4th of july all in one. >> i'm going to keep as far away as i can. i'll have to change my route when he comes. >> reporter: the irony here is antonio jackson actually works for catholic charities. ddot unveiled their plans hoping to help everyone prepare for their principal, the most impacted -- plan, the most impacted trip, the theodore roosevelt bridge and 14th street right off the 14th street bridges will be closed as well and those major morning changes could have traffic backed up into arlington and even fairfax. >> add the complexity it's a workday. >> reporter: there's also a nats game and verizon center center event planned for the same day. so using a car should be the last resort. trough said they're doing
5:47 pm
everything they can to have more than the normal around 970 cars operating. they're also providing shuttles but expect an hour or more wait and before the pope's visit to the basilica some train stations will operate as exit only stations and entrance only stations after. >> this is terrific. i'm from cleveland, ohio. i'm sure the pope isn't going to visit cleveland during his tenure. >> reporter: it's a massive undertaking in terms of planning, but ddot's director said it's still very important for the city to show we can do more than one thing. >> we're really asking people to be informed about what's going on over that period of time. >> so hopefully maybe he'll come and he'll have a good blessing on the traffic for us. >> reporter: all right. hopefully. well, these are all of the maps and detour information released to us today. it's a little bit of homework, but just make sure you're prepared. that's why we have it up on our wusa9 app. you can access it very easily there as well. here on constitution avenue, stephanie ramirez, wusa9 news.
5:48 pm
>> we can pray for good traffic or be prepared and avoid it as much as possible. capital bikeshare is also planning to have corral space available. pay attention to the street closures because bikes are not allowed there either. always watching always tracking, wusa9's first alert weather, d.c.'s most accurate. >> all right. check out the low temperatures this morning. it's the coldest morning in three months since june 4th, 55 in d.c., 48 at dulles, 50 in leesburg, 48 in gaithersburg, 46 in manassas for a low this morning and culpeper. i think tonight will be every bit as chilly. right now let's start with a live look outside, our live michael and son weather cam, still gorgeous, 79, dew points in the 40s, relative humidity 27% and the winds subside tonight. open the windows but not too far. bus stop temperatures 48 to 68 the entire metro area between 6
5:49 pm
a.m. and 9 a.m. we'll see a 28-degree range, no doubt. a risk tuesday will lead us to a wonderful -- a terrific tuesday will lead us into a wonderful wednesday. we're really in a good groove here in terms of sunshine, cool nights and low humidities. 10:00 tonight 59 in frederick, 61 or 2 in bowie. so it gets chilly very quickly tonight when the sun goes down. by 6 a.m. i think these numbers are a wee bit high. i think we'll see upper 40s certainly closer in. romney upper 40s no doubt, gaithersburg 49, damascus 47, 48 and probably 59 downtown. by 9:00 pure sun, mid-60s. it's rebounding slowly. by 1:00 just gorgeous. 80 downtown, 79 at andrews, 78 la plata. that's just about a perfect day and still low humidity and less wind tomorrow, so it will be a
5:50 pm
little warmer actually tomorrow. 6:00 tomorrow night still 80 downtown, still upper 70s in the suburbs and by tomorrow night temps will not fall as quickly tomorrow night. so by 11:30 or so we're still looking at temperatures in the low 60s pretty much across the board. so tonight clear skies, chilly. open the win domes, not too far, 48 to 58. this could be colder than last night. by morning sunny and chilly. you need youren your -- your sunglasses. winds light tomorrow turning west to southwest at 5 to 10. on the day planner we have 59 downtown at 7:00, in the 60s at 9:00, 75 at 11:00, 80 by 1 p.m. next three days, beautiful on wednesday 85, beautiful on thursday 86. next seven days, good explain
5:51 pm
on friday 87. nats come back into town. terps are here saturday. a cold front goes through saturday night, play go through dry. should not impact any of the games, nats in town and also beautiful weather at fedex. well, the burgundy and gold will have to wait at least another week before they can celebrate victory monday. >> washington dropped their season opener to miami, but they are not hanging their heads. sports anchor kristen berset joins us now live from ashburn with the latest from there. so was this a confidence builder? >> reporter: you could say that. they were extremely disappointed yesterday after this loss, but today they're much more upbeat. they're really trying to build off the positives from this game. it wasn't all that bad. there were a lot of positives, but how is the fan base feeling after yesterday's loss? frank hanrahan went inside the red zone to find out. >> reporter: well, despite the
5:52 pm
redskins' disappointing home season months to the miami dolphins a lot of redskins fans -- loss to the miami dolphins a lot of redskins fans are still optimistic. >> i think we still have a shot at 15-1. >> i think 10-6 is possible. >> we're thinking 15-1. >> thinking 8-8, progress from last year. not that they're there yet. >> we're taking over landover, maryland. >> reporter: and we got to talk about all that teal filling up fedex field. i would say about 40% were there to support the miami dolphins. >> i didn't notice it at all. i know that we have a lot of fans here that are very passionate and loyal. that's the only ones i care about. >> reporter: so now it's going to be interesting to see how many folks show up in blue and
5:53 pm
whatever other color the st. louis rams have come sunday at fedex field. inside the red zone at redskins park frank hanrahan, wusa9 sports. >> thanks, frank. we'll see if coach picks his tie a little more wisely next week. of course, they shift their focus to the rams which is a very tough team. we want to invite you to join us every sunday morning at 11:30 in the morning for game on. we are live breaking down the day's redskins game and the news from ashburn every sunday at 11:30 here on wusa9. it's a very busy day here in ashburn. we have injuries, fines and the success sentence of a starter. it just keeps going. i'll have all that come up for you in sports. guys, back to you. >> i want to know who predicted 15-8-8. who were those people? coming up new at 6:00 while many of us think of laundry as a chore find out why these
5:54 pm
women say washing and ironing and sewing is an honor. >> we're live from manassas, virginia, where bernie sanders is expected to hold a rally with hundreds of supporters. >> reporter: a deadly wildfire has destroyed hundreds of homes and caused thousands of evacuations. i'll have the very latest on the
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
fire crews in california now racing to contain two explosive wildfires that have scorched nearly 200,000 acres near the famed wine country. >> one of those wildfires has killed at least one person as those flames just decimated towns in a matter of hours. chelsea edwards is at the scene in middletown, california. she brings us the latest. >> reporter: parts of middletown, california, are gone incinerated after wind driven flames tore through several communities 20 miles north of napa. the fire destroyed up to 1,000
5:58 pm
buildings including hundreds of homes. >> that fire has been burning in all directions. >> this was one of the worst fires i've seen in my 28 year career with cal fire. >> reporter: the deadly wildfire forced at least 13,000 residents from their homes as many dodged horrifying scenes like this. the wildfire wiped out blocks of neighborhoods including this one here in middletown. while cooler temperatures have moved in, firefighters say they're worried about shifting winds. don lopez, one of 1,200 firefighters battling flames, returned to find his homestanding, but little else was spared. >> i'm looking around at all my neighbors. they're just devastated. even my daughter is devastated. i drove over to her house. her house is gone. there's nothing left. >> reporter: calf governor jerry brown has declare -- california governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency for the area. >> reporter: officials say california's historic drought is fueling some of the most
5:59 pm
explosive fires in decades. >> four firefighters who are members of a helicopter crew suffered second degree burns this weekend. they are still in the hospital in stable condition. a second wildfire less than 200 miles away has scorched more than 71,000 acres and destroyed at least 135 homes in the sierra nevada. we begin tonight with some breaking news out of barnesville, maryland. a teenager is dead after he was struck by an amtrak train. you are looking at some video that came into our newsroom just moments ago along barnesville road. authorities have not released the name of the team. about 100 passengers are on this train and the train service in that area has been suspended while authorities investigate what happened. this area in montgomery county is near boyds near the foot of sugarloaf mountain. also tonight presidential candidate bernie sanders who is surging in the polls is in virginia today and he spent the day in an unlikely place, the
6:00 pm
evangelical college of liberty university in lynchburg. thank you for joining us. i'm lesli foster. >> i'm bruce johnson. his next stop is manassas for a rally tonight. peggy fox, what's the turnout look like now? >> reporter: we've got about 5 or 600 people here just now going into the arena where bernie sanders will speak tonight. i've been talking to some of these people and they say they're here because they find bernie is around authentic. they say he's connect -- sanders authentic. they say he's connected to the people, he'll hold wall street accountable, he wouldn't be bunt by anyone. it's those kind of issues -- bought by anyone. it's those kind of issues that really connect him with people, even those at liberty university. what message would bernie sanders bring to the conservative liberty university in lynchburg? the presidential candidate from vermont ht


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